About Us

Bronagh Rogan, T.C.R.G.

Bronagh began Irish Dancing at the very young age of 5 and immediately fell in love. Born and raised in Coquitlam, Bronagh completed her degree and teaching certification at Simon Fraser University, and is now a school teacher with the Surrey School District. Bronagh is now studying at U.B.C. to become a teacher-librarian.  Over the years, Bronagh has attended competitions all over the world, including North America, Ireland, England and Scotland. Some of Bronagh’s accomplishments include being ranked Top 25 in the World, 2nd in North America, and she has gained multiple Western Canadian Champion titles.



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Emma Cronin
At the tender age of 5, Emma began Irish Dancing, and hasn’t looked back since. Born into an Irish family, Emma grew up in North Vancouver and attended the British Columbia Institute of Technology, where she received a degree in Marketing & Communications. When she was just 5 years old, Emma took Irish Dancing to a competitive level. She has competed not only locally, but worldwide as well. Some of Emma’s accomplishments include being ranked Top 10 in the World, 4th in North America, and she holds multiple Western Canadian Champion titles.



Emma and Bronagh’s passion for Irish dance did not stop after their days of competitive Irish dance drew to an end. Together they spent 2009 touring all over China, France, Ireland, and North America, performing in the Irish dance production, Celtic Legends. The next goal for these two was to open an Irish dance school of their own, which is what they did in 2014. R.C. Kells Academy of Irish dance is committed to creating a positive, creative and healthy environment that focuses on developing skilled and confident Irish dancers.